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Finicky Feline Feeding Bundle
  • Finicky Feline Feeding Bundle


    Designed for the hard-to-please kitty who is eating on her/his own but could use a boost with calorie intake and palatability.


    Bundle contains:

    - 4 pouches of 90 calorie Serenity Kids Salmon baby food

    - 14 x Churu Nourish Appetite Motivator (7 chicken recipe & 7 tuna recipe)

    - 7 packets of Tiki Cat Baby Thrive High-Calorie Supplement

    - 1 tube of Nutri-Cal High Calorie Gel (4.2 oz)

    - 3 cans of Royal Canin Mother and Babycat (3 oz ea)

    - 4 packets of Delectables squeeze treats

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