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"Happy Gut" - GI Health Bundle
  • "Happy Gut" - GI Health Bundle


    This bundle was designed for kitties who are having issues with diarrhea and/or general gastro-intestinal issues. 



    • 1 box of FortiFlora SA probiotic: Contains a powerful prebiotic and probiotic combination to support your cat's GI health, with probiotics to nourish your cat's gut and psyllium to support a healthy microbiome
    • 1 bottle (120 capsules) Revitalize GI: provides powerful antioxidants to combat the oxidative stress and inflammation that damages the GI tract
    • 1 package (32 servings) Revitalize Hydration: Provides your pet with an expertly balanced blend of essential electrolytes potassium, bicarbonate, MSM, and taurine with a crisp and refreshing taste your pet will love without sugar or artificial ingredients
    • 5 can of Purina EN Formula - chicken flavor: Helps support the unique nutritional needs of cats with GI conditions and has a great taste
    • 1 Vet-One piller (for Revitalize GI capsule administration): Administer tablets and capsules to pets quickly, safely and easily. Soft rubber tip is gentle to pet’s mouth & plastic barrel and plunger are easy to clean.
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